With today’s advanced solar technology, the Federal tax credits available to homeowners, combined with the tremendous increase in electrical power utility costs, you can see a return on your investment in solar panels just a few years!

About Netmeter Solar

Netmeter Solar owner, Tim Crichton, has worked in Southern Maine for 35 years as a Master electrician. He has been interested in solar power for the last 20 years, but previously, the costs have been prohibitive and the turnaround return on investment too long for the average homeowner. However, in recent years, he has seen more and more opportunities for homeowners to benefit considerably from solar power. Solar panel technology and solar panel products are so advanced now that the return on investment can be found in as little as 3 – 4 years, making them a very viable option for homeowners.

With the Federal government offering a 30% tax credit on the entire cost of installation of solar panels, and the astronomical increases in electrical utility rates, Tim believes now is the perfect time to consider solar panels on your home or business.

Tim has raised his family, and built his business in Southern Maine, and cares deeply for the communities he serves. He thinks of himself as a neighbor helping other neighbors. Consider working with locally owned and operated, Netmeter Solar, for the best in solar panel system planning and installation.

Is Your Roof Right for Solar?